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Recent IT technology has made tremendous progress. The Internet, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are just proof. Even AI is taking on a bigger challenge. But there is one strange thing. That is the password.

Everyone in the world relies on protecting their money and privacy on passwords. Every app / web service or large company in the world also uses a password. Then I must ask if the password is convenient and secure. As everyone knows, it is never. We are essentially solving this problem. People say biometrics is the answer. If so, has the password disappeared from the service that applies biometric authentication? It's not like that. In other words, biometric authentication is not an alternative to removing the password. We have that alternative. It is an advanced authentication technology developed by us called PASSCON. By combining PASSCON technology with blockchain, we can create a decentralized one ID platform without a password. We call this platform and service ecosystem "IDall". It means "One ID all Pass". Anyone can log in and use cryptocurrency with just one ID without using a password.

Therefore, it is not only very convenient but also the safest. The new security method, which is both convenient and secure, will provide additional opportunities for major changes and developments to the Internet and blockchain. We will continue to grow and expand the IDall platform and service ecosystem using token economy. We will also try to supply our PASSCON technology to our partners so that the benefits can be reached quickly for everyone using the internet and blockchain.

Thank you. 
Founder Lim Yonghoon



Yonghoon Lim

Authentication Tech 6years

Research and Dev.

NICE Holdings

Credit Scoring Model Dev

Yonsei University

Major in Applied Statistics


Kim Jinkwi

SW Engineer
13 years Career

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Jung Hwan Lee

UI/UX Expert

Jong Chul Baek

Present) Growth Leap Platform
Present) Director, Censere Korea / Censere Holdings Director

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Global Community Manager

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Global Community Manager

Kelvin Takyi-Bobi

Global Community Manager

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Sung Jin Ahn

2018 ~ Present: VicePresident, Marketing & Sales, Next Powergen
2016 ~ 2018: Blockchain Factory, CEO, Korea Value Exchange (KVX)
2004 ~ 2015: President of Korea Ele
ctronic Certification

Ju Phil Jung

Blockchain Today Magazine Publisher
Global Translation Representative
Director, 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute

Samsung Innovation Team

Junghoon Kim

LG U + Marketing Division Manager

Head of Marketing, KT M House

BC Card Mobile Manager

VP Commerce Business Head

Ko Kard Korea Branch