If you access the Internet with a decentralized One ID without a password, you will find that the value of the Internet has increased significantly. IDall Crypto Currency Wallet is so easy that no mnemonics or passwords are needed so anyone can use it. Therefore, IDall will play a key role in rapidly spreading the value of Blockchain into real life.

Hacking Impossible

Keyboard Removed, Personalized Icon Dashboard

PASSCON Pattern: Patterns can overlap the same points, so even if a third party knows the shape, he/she can't draw the pattern correctly.

PASSCON PIN: Using more than one pad, the user can freely configure a PIN. “111111” has 729 different input methods. In other words, even if you know the number, a third party cannot enter it correctly.

PASSCON Story: Create fun stories with icons and use them easily. “I ate two bowls of noodle after skiing for seven hours”.

PASSCON uses natural random number, Verifies 4 Factors at one time

Human technology can not surpass the change of light. Therefore, we can achieve strong security by creating natural random numbers using photos of light changes. PASSCON is an authentication technology that uses natural random numbers generated from photographs to provide simplicity and maximum safety at the same time.
PASSCON is the world's only technology that verifies authentication keys, natural numbers, devices, and digital signature private keys entered in a unique personalized dashboard in one step. You no longer need two-factor authentication such as OTP and SMS. Biometrics can also be used only after registering a password.

Easy and Safe Wallet

The most important thing in crypto currency and decentralized ID service is how "safe and how convenient Wallet is". Because you need a Blockchain wallet to use a decentralized ID. IDall Wallet is the safest and most convenient wallet in the world. 

It is a decentralized ID platform based on the hybrid Blockchain structure and multi-chain.

Passwords will be removed by the PASSCON private chain and the platform's openness will be globally enhanced through multi public chain.

Token Economy Ecosystem


In One ID Secure Crypto Ecosystem, you need only one decentralized ID.
With easy login and easy wallet, you can log in and pay with cryptocurrency easier, faster and more securely.


It is a crypto asset fintech where payments and remittances are spread based on tokens. The actual demand for use of the token is linked to the value of the token. Consumers can also buy small amounts of tokens on the platform. Offline P2P allows anyone without a bank account or credit card to have a small token.

Small business owners in local businesses can do targeted marketing at low cost. Customers can register their stores in the MyMarket menu by differentiating their stores into full membership, 1st, and 2nd generation as needed. Customers can automate the receipt of information by setting filtering rules on promotional information as needed.

Both consumers and shops are happy !!!

Marketing Strategy


Password management service is the best starting point to spread our decentralized one ID service globally. We set the market for password management services as the first key target market. For crypto-asset investors also, passwords are very stressful and therefore this is a very promising market.


The innovative nature of PASSCON technology can provide competitive value over competing services. IDall is the only service that does not use a password for the master account security. The competitive service uses a password for the master account, so not enough for confidence in security.


List tokens on exchanges and promote app downloads targeting exchange users. Promotions are based on strong price competitiveness, payback rewards, airdrops. As listed exchanges increase, app downloads and practical users increase.